About Us

We are passionate about reducing fit-for-duty risk and ensuring our solutions generate a positive return on investment for our clients.

SIX Safety Systems delivers evidence-based solutions that address the dynamic challenges of reducing worker fit-for-duty risk associated with drugs, alcohol, and fatigue in the workplace. We leverage leading technologies, including LUCI™, our fatigue & distraction monitoring technology, with a practical approach to human factors and change management. It's a comprehensive approach that is rooted in science, driven by objective data, and backed by an expert team of risk, safety, and human factors professionals with industry experience. 

SIX Safety’s experience in addressing the safety hazards and business risk associated with drugs and alcohol in the workplace has led to a comprehensive and proven approach. Developing a solid policy aligned to an organization’s assessed risk is central to an effective strategy. SIX Safety develops policy strategies that help organizations identify key responsibilities; provide education; prescribe tests with multiple specimens; and build worker confidence & accommodation. An effective substance abuse strategy is not about testing to “catch” workers; it is about creating a safer and more efficient workplace. If and when a policy calls for prescribed testing, implementing oral fluid testing addresses impairment in a much more dignified manner. Oral fluid testing is both scientifically and legally valid. It is noninvasive, detects recent use versus historical use (THC); mitigates human rights and privacy issues; allows for easier implementation; and is significantly more cost-effective.